Why it’s important to be selfish


Let’s talk about taking time for yourself; about being selfish. Because being nice to yourself is the best way to be nice to others.

To be honest, I earnestly believe in the above statement, but I’m still working on applying it to my own life 100% of the time.  It’s counterintuitive. It’s not what we’re taught. I still struggle with putting myself first — not because I’m a saint, but because most of us (I think) are hardwired into thinking that you’re rotten if you choose yourself over others. (BIG IMPORTANT NOTE: being selfish in this context does not mean cutting down others, inflating your own ego, or disregarding the feelings and well-being of those around you. Being selfish for all intents and purposes of this post means allowing yourself to take the time to do you — examples below).

It’s taken a while (and I’ll repeat over and over on…

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April Blog Update;P

What has been the most challenging topic so far? To me, the most challenging topic was forces because there was so much to remember for one simple topic, for example, we had to know which forces on the force diagrams were balanced and which were unbalanced and which ones had net force involved in them and for me, that’s a lot to remember for one little topic. Some of the things that we had to memorize were little things like object agent notation, which is where you have to label the arrows on the force diagrams with letters, we had to solve or find the value of some of the arrows on the force diagram and we had to know how many arrows that we needed for our force diagrams. Some of the other topics that we studied in class like motion, projectile motion and how to write equations and how to draw trendlines were kinda easy but you would expect yourself to find some difficulty in these topics because physics can be a challenge. The difficulty level of this class, on a scale of 1 to 10, is about a 5-6 because I find this class both easy and hard at the same time. The harder part about this class is all of the stuff(equations and such) that I’m supposed to remember because most equations are hard to remember. The easier part about this class is most of the work we do in class because the information needed to know for the worksheets is taught in a way that is easy for me to understand. My group dynamic is very high because even though I have high expectations from my group(and I know that I shouldn’t) I still do my share of the work that is expected to be completed by the entire group. Even though that I shouldn’t worry about the incoming students(whether or not they are in my grade), I do have some suggestions for what they should and should not expect: 1. Don’t expect the teachers to pass you just because you can weasel your way out of anything because some of the high school teachers can detect whether or not you are lying to them or not, 2. Just because you were the one whom everyone worshiped in middle school doesn’t mean that everyone will think the same of you in high school, 3. Even if you are a “teacher’s pet” don’t let it show in class because that could put you in an awkward position in high school, 4. Don’t expect all of your teachers to let you sit by you BFF the entire semester because if you and your friend are really chatty, you or your friend could get moved next to someone whom you or your friend don’t like, 5. ALWAYS try your hardest in school and get involved in your school’s sports, after school activities, and extra curricular activities because it is always good to get involved!! Even if I do have suggestions for teacher improvement I don’t always like to share them, but since it is on the topic list, I should give my opinion on how one of my favorite teachers(yes I’ll admit that I kind of am what you’d call a suck-up or teacher’s pet) in the entire school, Mrs. Okroy, should improve on what she does best: 1. If you do the blog thing again next year, make it at least 300-600 words, 2. Make almost all of the tests shorter than they already are, 3. DO NOT EVER STOP TEACHING THE WAY THAT YOU ALREADY DO!!!!! In my opinion, my junior year has gone by really fast and I am both thrilled and nervous for my senior year!

March Blog Update;)

Over the past 2 months we have done lots of things in class. One of the things we did in class was another lab practicum. This time the lab practicum was about rolling a bowling ball through an obstacle course. For this practicum,we had to work in our lab groups and push a ball with a broom through an obstacle course. The obstacle course itself  was kinda complicated but my group eventually made it through the course. My group came in 6th place with a time of 1 min 15 sec which was okay. For the practicum we had to do force diagrams which are kinda hard to figure out at first but are eventually quite easy to understand. There are certain parts of the force diagrams that I don’t understand why it is put/explained that way like the abbreviations, why are they put on the diagram like that? There is one thing that I am really excited for which is the 2nd annual cardboard boat regatta!!!!!!:) One of the things that I’m kinda worried about is my group’s boat sinking even before we finish the first lap. One of the challenges we might have is deciding what to name our boat, whose house will we be building the boat at(it won’t be mine b/c it might get stolen), and whose mom/dad will be bringing it up to the school before race day. One of the ideas for our boat(I am building with Rebecca, Tyler, and Davae possibly at Rebecca’s house) that I came up with was making it like a pirate ship and dressing up like pirates(Rebecca and Tyler would wear their homecoming shirts and other gear) to support our boat and rowers. I have a feeling that our rowers are going to be Rebecca and Tyler because I cannot swim for crap and I don’t like the 12′ deep pool and Davae just doesn’t want to hop in the boat and row. The excessive amount of snow days that we have had has taken a toll on my school life because it shortens the amount of time we have left in the quarter and how much time we have to work on the different projects that are scheduled for the year. The ACT/MME was just a big pain in the butt with all of those stupid little bubbles and having the same stupid directions read to us 50 million(this is an exaggeration) times and how we weren’t allowed to go to our lockers during the 15 minute break(I understand why), etc. One idea that I have is that the ACT shouldn’t be so long and there should be more time for the writing portion of the test because when there was only 5 minutes left, I was only on my 3rd paragraph and I was writing long paragraphs and I was giving lots of detail to my paragraphs and thinking to myself ‘how should I word this sentence/paragraph?’ Honestly, I feel that this “senior-its” has not set in yet because the seniors start to get restless when we come back from spring vacation(that is also when I start to act a little funny to…hahahaha)and that is when the seniors start to slack off and not do anything and then after that the seniors can have a laugh with senior prank week which isn’t all that funny(except for the prank that last year’s seniors did by putting a giant banner on the side of the building saying that the school was for sale…lol). But other than that, senior-its has not set in.

December Blog Post

So far in the month of December, my 5th hour class has done lots of things. We’ve gone across the street for a robotics & engineering seminar thing, we’ve gotten the requirements for our catapult project, we’ve learned about different equations and we’ve gotten through the first five weeks of the second quarter. The equations that we have learned about are: x=v*t+Xi, Vavg=deltaX/deltat, Vf=a*t+Vi, Vf^2=Vi^2+2*a*deltaX, deltaX=1/2*at^2+Vi*t+Xi, and deltaX=Xf-Xi.  In class, we have learned how to solve these equations, how to plug stuff into these equations and solve them and a few other things. We only used these equations when we did U3: Wkst 4 and our U3 test reveiw(the test is on tues.). I do not have any confusion whatsoever when it comes to these equations. For the field trip that we took, we went across the street to Macomb Community College for a Robotics and Engineering thing sponsored by Lawrence Tech. The things that I disliked the most about the field trip were all of the lectures that we(as the adv physics class, the physics class and the programming class) had to sit through(before we got to the hands on stuff that wasn’t all that interesting either). Even though the hands on stuff wasn’t very interesting, I still enjoyed seeing my fellow classmates(and my physics teacher) enjoy the hands on stuff. Personally, I do not want to pursue a career in the fields of robotics or engineering(trains or engineering things) because I am not really interested in that kind of thing. I have no idea if physics would apply to the career that I would like to pursue at all. My initial feelings on the unit test that we will take this coming tuesday are mutual because with some of the stuff that we learned I am already going to expect on the test and I feel quite confident about it. For the catapult project, I am very excited for it because my group mates and I will(probaly) have the best catapult EVER!!!!!!!!! My effort in class has not changed because so far this quarter I have put my best foot forward and I have put all of my effort into class discussions & work. For the catapult, I feel that group work is the best because you can split up the work so that it gets done faster. For the catapults, I am hoping that my groups catapult flings the GIANT marshmallow the farthest and we get 100% on the entire project!!!

Cart on a Hill Lab Reflection

The cart on a hill lab was another one of my favorite labs to do in class. The cart on a hill lab was about a $100.00 cart that had two weights/masses that we(the groups we had at the beginning of the year) had to use in our data collecting. When we collected our data we had to run the cart down a track and our data depended on the length of track we chose. The types of graphs that we used were position vs time, velocity vs time, and acceleration vs time. The velocity vs time and the acceleration vs time graphs are a little bit different than the position vs time graph because the velocity vs time and the acceleration vs time graphs have an extended y-axis and the position vs time graph doesn’t. After we finished the lab, we started a worksheet. This worksheet was just a reveiw of the lab. Each group was given a problem to do on a whiteboard and as a class, we got through numbers 1 and 2 and we started number 3(which was the number that Rebecca Yang, Tyler Blum and I were given) but we didn’t get to finish it because the class wasn’t cooperating. This caused Mrs. Okroy to suddenly move our seats. I stayed in the same spot(s), but now I work with Zayd A., Michael T.,  and Davae R. After  Mrs. Okroy moved our seats, I was not a happy camper. We did  a little bit of work in our new groups(and didn’t want anything to do with my new group at first but now I don’t mind.). After we had our seats moved, Mrs. Okroy did some talking and I kept my back to my new group and I didn’t make eye contact with Mrs. Okroy and I changed my body language because I was very ticked off(because the seat change was so sudden and change quite suddenly isn’t exactly easy for me) and as soon as the bell rang, I was out of the classroom because I was NOT in a mood to talk it out with the teacher. After I left the classroom, I stormed up the stairs(because I was quite ticked off) and I got my stuff so I could go to my next class, I took all the stuff off my locker door and put it on the shelf and I slammed my locker door(to get rid of some of my anger) and I huffed off to my English 3 class(with Mr. Martin). The next day, we had some stuff to do in our groups and the teacher had asked the class if we needed a new worksheet and (unfortunately) I needed one. So Mrs. Okroy went and made some copies of the sheet that I needed and then we talked about the events of Monday, how change doesn’t exactly come easy to me and how she wanted to talk to me after class on Monday but she didn’t get a chance to because I was out of the classroom like a rocket. Some of the benefits of working in a new group are that you get to experience the ideas and other things that new people bring to class and you get to learn a little bit more about the people in your group. In class we are getting some iPad’s that will be at our group’s disposal in class that the different groups can use to take notes in class. Some of the negatives of using iPad’s in class would be that we couldn’t go on the internet or use the app store/iTunes store to download stuff and we can’t play games on them either because they are for note taking only. The first quarter of school is gone and we only have 9 weeks and 1 semester left in school. I feel that the first quarter went really well. My grade in class was right where I expected it to be because I usually go back and forth between a B and a C in any science class that I have. In my opinion, Mrs. Okroy is one of the best teachers that I have EVER had!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mrs. Okroy has the best personality and the way that she teaches is easy to understand and I know that she is a teacher(that I know) that is quite easy to talk to about anything. Mrs. Okroy is one of my favorite teachers at tower and I know that she has high hopes for me in class. My participation in class was probably a little bit better because I had the most participation(in my opinion) this week. I don’t think that there is anything that I need to work on(besides controlling my tiny anger issue;)) in class. The past week was one of the(almost) best weeks that I’ve had in school/physics class!!!!!! 


Buggy Lab Week(s) Reflection

 buggy lab, one of the most fun labs that I’ve probably done in my science class history. The buggy lab was about a little battery operated buggy and we had to work in our lab groups. The stuff that we observed in our lab groups were: the color, how fast it goes, the treads on the wheels, the flashing lights(& the solid ones to), the fact that the buggy was made in china, the battery-powered motor, the materials of the buggy, the fact that it only goes in one direction, and that the wheels move together or at the same time. There were also some things that we thought that we could measure but couldn’t because we either haven’t learned about it or it just wouldn’t work. After we came up with a purpose and made our predictions and came up with a list of materials, we broke up into our groups, we set up a procedure, we came up with our dependent and independent variables and our constants. In the buggy lab, we used position vs. time graphs. The next day, we started to collect our data. When we collected our data, we did two trials. The trials were different between the groups. After we finished the buggy lab, we did what was called a lab practum. A lab practum is basically a lab that is graded like a test or quiz. In the lab practum, each group was given two different graphs and told to go ahead and “walk it out”. My participation in the lab and the practum was good. My understanding of the data presented in class was good. I would rate my understanding with a 9.5 because I tried to help with the data collection but there were a couple of instances where I got a little distracted. I fee that I still need to work on helping to present the data that my group has because in class I just stand behind the board and I don’t say anything.

Review of the last 2 weeks in Physics

During the last 2 weeks in physics class, we started a new lab about a battery-operated car, we took a test, we did a ratio worksheet(and we talked about it), and, in an unrelated subject, there was spirit week. The  test that we took was about what we learned about in the last reflection. In the lab about the battery-operated car, we started analyzing some stuff that we could use to help analyze the car. As a class, we brainstormed tons of ideas and then we cut some ideas out because we decided that they wouldn’t work in what we thought that we were going to analyze. We also learned about ratios and sig. figs.(significant figures). The same week we did the sig. figs., we also took a progress quiz about trendlines and graphs. I am still confused on the significant figures thing but I know that we are going to talk about it more later in the semester. I do not feel that I have any questions about anything that we have learned about over the past 2 weeks.  We came to know about the lab by the proctor explaining everything and answering any questions that we had. My participation in class over the last 2 weeks would get a 7.5. In my understanding what we learned in class would also be a 7.5. I feel that I still need to work on my study habits and keeping my focus on my work.  These past 2 weeks were strange because they were shortened by a progress quiz, a test and the NWEA test.



Reflection on the past 3 weeks of physics

Over the past three weeks in class, we have learned about the class rules and school rules, we did a mystery box lab, and we have done a few graphing worksheets. In the mystery box lab, as separate groups, we examined several items from a box. Some of these items included: a pendulum, some wooden sticks, some spheres and misc. circles, some film canisters with pennies in them, and some oddly shaped floor tiles. When we had to examine the items, we had to measure their mass, take their diameters, lengths, how many times the weight swung back and forth, and a few other things. After we finished doing the lab, we broke up into our groups and we were given a whiteboard and we were given one of the stations and told to take the data and put it into a graph. My participation in the lab was very high because I knew that I would get points for my participation. Before we started the lab, we did a story problem type of activity about a girl who had a fight with her mom about her boyfriend, a fight with her boyfriend and her sister, tried to go to a coffee shop but was told that it was closed, was wandering up and down the sidewalk, went to cross the street and was hit by a drunk driver and killed. I completely understood what we learned this week and I had no problems understanding what was taught to the class. In class we came to know and understand what was taught in class by doing a lab and doing two graphing worksheets and a ratio worksheet. I do not know if I still have any questions about what we’ve learned in class. I feel that I still need to work on my focus in class/not getting distracted by other things while we are doing something.